Philosophy of Science

San Jose State University has a sequence of 15 streaming video lectures of their Philosophy of Science class. (presented by J.Stemwedel).

  1. Introduction: “What is Science? 56k/Dsl
  2. Logical Empiricism 56k/Dsl
  3. Induction and Confirmation 56k/Dsl
  4. Challenges in Theory Testing 56k/Dsl
  5. Popper and Falsification 56k/Dsl
  6. Kuhn: Paradigms and Normal Sciences 56k/Dsl
  7. Kuhn: Crisis and Revolution 56k/Dsl
  8. Kuhn: Crisis and Revolution 56k/Dsl
  9. Alternatives to Kuhn 56k/Dsl
  10. Sociology of Science 56k/Dsl
  11. Feminist Critique of Science 56k/Dsl
  12. Naturalism 56k/Dsl
  13. Realism and Anti-Realism 56k/Dsl
  14. Explanation 56k/Dsl
  15. Wrap up: What is Science? 56k/Dsl

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